Christina Pellegrini
Updated Mar 18, 2017 @ 10:22 am
couple sweat
Credit: Shutterstock

If you’ve ever wondered whether girls or guys sweat more, finally, here’s your answer.

Picture this: It’s blistering hot outside. You and your BF are sprawled across the couch (not touching, obvi) surrounded by fans blasting air at you at max capacity. You’re both trying to cool off as best you can. And you’re both convinced that you’re sweating more than the other one is.

Unless you siphoned your sweat into a measuring cup, you can’t really prove who is sweating more. But, finally, science has figured out the answer to that question. And it might surprise you.

It turns out, gender has nothing to do with the amount you sweat – but body size does.

According to a study by Experimental Physiology, your body cools down in two ways. It cools down by both sweating and increasing blood circulation to the skin’s surface. And these results indicate that people with more surface area per body mass are more likely to lose heat by increased blood flow.

That means, the smaller you are, the less you sweat — and vice versa.

And in case you think something fishy is going on, take heart knowing the scientists observed their subjects in controlled environments. They tracked light and moderate exercise performed by 36 men and 24 women, all at 26 degrees Celsius (about 82 degrees Fahrenheit) and 36 percent humidity. And all participants experienced the same body temperature increases.

Lead author Sean Notley even flat-out debunked the “men sweat more” myth.

So next time you and bae are sweating on the couch, feel free to let him know that the bigger one, in fact, is the sweatier one. Thanks, science!