Rhinitis woman, Photo Illustration
Credit: Media for Medical/UIG via Getty Images

Colds are kind of the worst. You’re sick enough that you feel out of it, but often not too sick to stay home. So often you’re faced with two options. Either you work through your cold and feel like crap. Or, you stay at home and feel kind of guilty about it because you’re not “that” sick. But thanks to science, there is now a way to get over the common cold faster.

According to Science Daily, a recent study may have revealed a way to beat colds that is three times more effective than past methods.

Yes, three times more effective, for real!

A study at the University of Helsinki recently revealed a weird yet common remedy that universally seems to help people get over colds faster. Turns out zinc acetate lozenges, which can be found in pretty much any drugstore for fairly cheap, are very effective against colds. An analysis of three randomized control trials found that participants reported a three-fold recovery rate. On the fifth day of the trial, 70% of the participants using zinc lozenges had recovered from their colds. This is compared to a 27% recovery rate on the fifth day by the participants using the placebo pills.

That’s a crazy increase in recovery time!

The best part? Zinc lozenges worked that well for everyone. The study found that zinc lozenges were equally effective across age, sex, race, allergy, how sick you were, or if you smoked. No matter what, zinc lozenges helped patients recover from a cold three times faster.

The dose of zinc participants took a day was of course much higher than a usual dosage. Participants took 80-92 mg a day. The recommended dosage for zinc is 11 mg a day for men and 8 mg a day for women. However, since high doses of zinc are used to treat other conditions without long-term4 health effects (Science Daily uses Wilson’s disease as an example), the study does not predict any long-term of effects for taking large doses of zinc for a few days to cure a cold. The study does point out that most zinc lozenges on the market are weakened forms of zinc, so it is important to do some research before you buy them at your local supermarket.

Also, like any new supplement, it is important to do your research and know what is best for your body first.

But either way, this awesome news. We always love to hear when remedies work. Next cold we’re definitely going to try and get some more zinc in our lives.