Negative body image and fat-shaming are huge issues in Hollywood. Society has (fortunately) become more attuned to the shame felt by actresses, but male actors go through the body-shame ringer as well. In Friday’s issue of The Sydney Morning Herald actor Sam Claflin opened up about being body-shamed at auditions and how Hollywood beauty standards have made him insecure.

The Hunger Games star said that male body-shaming happens and is rarely talked about. At one audition he was told to lift his shirt up and was then subjected to people grabbing at his fat and being told to lose weight. He said he felt like a piece of meat.

He noted that this recent obsession with Hollywood and perfect bodies is affecting how men and women feel about their own image. Claflin told the Morning Herald,

We’re inching closer and closer to knocking down Hollywood’s unrealistic beauty standards, and a huge part of this progress comes from performers like Claflin choosing to speak up about it. We know it’s not an easy thing to do, and we are genuinely so proud of you, Sam!