Candice Darden
Updated August 10, 2016
Slaven Vlasic / Getty

Olympian Ryan Lochte, along with Michael Phelps, helped lead the U.S.A. men’s swim team to Olympic gold in the 4x200m relay on August 9th in the Rio Olympic Games. And the long-time friends and fellow swimmers will be facing off for Olympic gold against each other tonight in the 200m.

They’re also the ultimate bromance.

But it’s not just team U.S.A.’s medal wins that we’re celebrating – Lochte took to Instagram yesterday to post one of the cutest Olympic spirit videos of all time.

Lochte posted this video of his own 95-year-old grandma carrying the “Olympic torch” at her nursing home in NYC, no doubt beaming with pride over her grandson’s Olympic success!

His grandma is holding up a paper and cardboard “Olympic torch,” waving it around and smiling as the staff wheels her around the hallways of her nursing home, American flags being waved by staff and fellow residents. The video has gained over 1.1 million views thus far and is definitely one of the cutest Olympic spirit celebration videos we’ve seen.

Go team U.S.A. – you’ve got Lochte’s adorable grandma in your corner!

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