Repeat after us: “Other women’s bodies are not ours to comment on.” We’ll even say it louder for those in the back if we have to. But it’s true. No matter your gender or gender identity, calling out someone else for looking a certain way is downright unacceptable. Yes, even on the internet!

Sometimes, haters just need a good comeback to remind them that their opinion is unnecessary. If you need an example, Riverdale’s Lili Reinhart had the best response to body shamers — specifically to an internet hater who made a comment about her choice in food.

It all started when Lili posted a photo of herself eating fried chicken and fries and looking absolutely adorable. Someone on Twitter, who has since deleted their tweet, decided to talk down to Lili for her choice in meal, saying they were worried her acting career would be overshadowed by her weight.

May we just say that Lili looks perfectly healthy and happy?! Although the response seems like it’s coming from a place of caring about Lili, it isn’t if it’s judging her choice of food or her appearance.

We love Lili’s comeback; it’s not mean, but she still defends herself, and she’s funny about it, too. We also love that she publicly and unapologetically stands up for herself. You should always be your biggest ally, after all!

Is this our new go-to comeback for when someone judges us for the way we eat? Absolutely! Do we hope that we can all just let each other eat in peace? You bet! Until then, we’ll just have to thank Lili for this wonderful reply.