By now we’re all aware that there’s an abundance of personality tests and quizzes on the internet. You can find out everything from what your favorite vegetable says about your music tastes, to which Jane Austen character you’d be IRL. And, perhaps most intriguing of all, we just discovered a riddle that can allegedly reveal whether you’re a psychopath.

What now?

Apparently, the only people who get the correct answer to this particular puzzle are those who are able to think like a psychopath…and are therefore likely to be psychopaths.

According to Psychology Today, only about 1% of people are psychopaths, and — despite what movies will have you believe — most psychopaths aren’t violent mass murderers…but they do lack empathy and exhibit certain antisocial behaviors.

Okay, okay — what is this riddle we speak of? Here it goes (paraphrased from

Question: Why did she do it?

And the answer is…


The girl kills her sister in the hopes that the guy will come to the funeral and she can see him again.


Did you get the answer right? If so, you allegedly have the mind of a psychopath. (Although, disclaimer, no one really knows where this riddle came from, and in all likelihood it absolutely does not actually reveal whether or not you have psychopathic tendencies…because…it’s just a riddle, guys!).

But it sure is fun, isn’t it?