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We’re so obsessed with happy pregnancy stories, and we have so much respect for the awesome parents who document their pregnancies on social media. Like, seriously! That’s so many eyes to have on your every move, and people can be so harsh about how other people handle their pregnancies (and their post-pregnancy bodies, ugh). ICYMI, of our favorite yogis, Rachel Brathen, is documenting her pregnancy on Instagram. We were so happy to see her being so open about how things were going, and were seriously cheering her on when she gained a couple pound and was EXCITED about gaining weight. And it felt *so* revolutionary.

The mom-to-be explained,

But things are looking up! She continued, saying,

Why the excitement that she’s gaining weight? Well, the yogi explained, she’s worried about her baby’s health, not what she looks like!

In a world that’s so ridiculously harsh about pregnant bodies, we love, love, love that Rachel is celebrating weight gain during pregnancy. Because it’s not all about getting back to your pre-pregnancy body (though if you do, no judgement there, either!). It really is about being healthy, and growing a healthy baby, too. And with 45k likes on the photo, we’re not the only ones cheering this yoga mama on!