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Credit: Elliott Stallion/Unsplash

We know you’ve heard it a million times: Voting is important. Rock the vote. Cast your vote or STFU when elections don’t go your way, or some other pro-ballot casting mantra. But nothing illustrates those points as clearly as this pregnant woman who stopped to vote while in labor. Like, sorry, none of us has an excuse to not make it to the polls now.

Seriously, people. That dinner date you planned, the scheduled hair appointment or whatever other random excuse you’ve concocted to avoid getting to the polls officially no longer passes the smell test because not even the act of giving birth could stop this badass mom-to-be from performing her civic duty and we couldn’t be more impressed.

Sosha Adelstein of Boulder, Colorado went into labor on Friday, days before her Election Day due date. Instead of completely losing it, Adelstein and her husband Max Brendel dashed in the Boulder County Clerk and Record’s office to cast their votes for Hillary Clinton before heading to the hospital to deliver a baby girl.

As to why they decided to make the potentially precarious poll pit stop, Brendel gave the most endearing response to The Daily Camera: