Trilby Beresford
July 11, 2016 10:13 am

Even if you’re not a Pokémon fan (but really, how could you not be?!), it’s pretty hard to ignore the new Pokémon GO iPhone game that has been taking over absolutely everything always everywhere.

Sure, most video games don’t usually involve physical exercise past the use of your thumbs, but this one is unique in that it involves users physically running around and chasing wild Pokémon in real-life outdoor spaces, then capturing them with with Pokéballs.

As players run around in the real world, they hit certain targets on a GPS, thus allowing them to catch the elusive creatures (most people are obsessed—and rightly so—with catching Pikachu). If that sounds like way more fun than obsessively counting your steps on a Fitbit, you’re probably right.

So it’s no surprise that Pokémon GO is actually re-vamping some people’s fitness routines. And, if you think about it, besides catching ’em all, the added health benefits are actually the best possible outcome of a game that’s about catching little monsters.

The game also encourages people to be social and enjoy their exercise together, which, let’s face it, is more appealing than spending hours at a gym by yourself.

Pokémon GO even paves the way for exciting new discoveries, like these.

Besides the exercise that it encourages, the great thing about the app is that it’s 100% free. So you can download the game today and start moving those legs, no strings attached.

Game of the year? We think yes.