AOL BUILD Speaker Series Presents: "Playing House"
Credit: Steve Mack/Getty Images

In news we literally never want to have to report, Playing House’s Jessica St. Clair revealed she’s been battling cancer, and she and writing partner Lennon Parham will incorporate this into her character’s plot line on the show in the upcoming third season.

In an emotional essay written for Stand Up to Cancer, St. Clair shared that she was diagnosed with stage 2b estrogen positive breast cancer on September 15th, 2015, and subsequently went through 16 rounds of chemo therapy and 12 weeks of radiation.

She went on to write that she tested out a variety of “chemo hacks” provided to her by her doctor, and — with the help and support of her husband and “work wife” Lennon — she actually was able to avoid some of the worst of the chemo side-effects.

“Every chemo session, they would pack me in ice, as Lennon puts it, like a ‘choice piece of holiday meat,'” she wrote. “They distracted me from the intense pain of the cold by reading aloud from old Oprah magazines and feeding me Teddy Grahams and Cheez-Its, while I froze my scalp for eight hours using ‘cold caps’ to keep my hair from falling out (I only lost 30 percent).”

And also that, “I wore frozen booties and mittens to avoid getting neuropathy in my hands and feet. I took supplements my doctor recommended for the neuropathy and to strengthen my hair. Twice a week I went to an acupuncturist. I changed my diet to include more fiber, fish and vegetables (and about a pound of dark chocolate a day) with the help of a cancer nutritionist. I tried to walk at least twenty minutes a day.”

In terms of the show and her third season character arc, St. Clair wrote,

It can’t be easy to open up to the world about such a personal issue, and we’re so grateful that St. Clair is sharing her story. We are 100% confident it will help other women going through cancer treatment, as well as the loved ones who are supporting them.

Playing House airs on USA, and the newest season premieres June 23rd at 11 p.m. ET. We genuinely can’t wait.