Josh Whedon filmed a video showing what life would be like without Planned Parenthood
Credit: Joss Whedon /, Anna Buckley/HelloGiggles

Unfortunately, in some cases, Planned Parenthood has become synonymous with abortion. This misunderstanding about the breadth of services — other than abortion — that the organization offers threatens the survival of the medical provider. To illustrate this point, yesterday, screenwriter and filmmaker Joss Whedon released a video in support of Planned Parenthood, which depicts a future without the nonprofit.

The video features three main characters: A woman whose cancer goes undetected until it’s too late; a young woman whose friend is exposed to an STD because of a lack of sexual education; and a high school senior who gets pregnant because she has no access to birth control.

These unfortunate realities are all caused by the closure of their local Planned Parenthood.

However, when the video is rewound with the alternate reality of an open, functioning, and funded Planned Parenthood, the woman’s cancer is detected and treated before it’s too late; the young woman is able to provide her friend and other peers with information about STDs and sexual education; and the high schooler is able to accept a full scholarship to college as she moves forward with her own future.

Regarding these vastly different realities, Whedon told TheWrap:

The reality is that if everyone did their research and understood the breadth of services at Planned Parenthood — vital, life-saving services — the nonprofit wouldn’t be at risk of shutting down simply because those who disagree with abortion have an issue with one service they provide. (Abortions represent three percent of total services provided by Planned Parenthood, and roughly 10 percent of its clients have received an abortion. The group does receive federal funding, but the money cannot be used for abortions by law.)

You can watch the video below:

What world do you want?