Toria Sheffield
Updated Feb 23, 2017 @ 3:19 pm

In our humble opinions, public outrage about the “post-baby body” phenomenon is one of the most awesome things to come out of our culture in recent years (because pressure on women to “bounce back” — whatever the ef that means — after they have literally just created life is absurd).

But we ALSO get that the struggle to feel like our best selves after pregnancy can be very real, and no one should be shamed for working towards a health or fitness-related goal. Which is why we’re loving Pink’s latest post about her post-baby weight loss.

Pink has been very open in the past about not giving into pressure to conform to any specific body type after pregnancy (she proudly declared that she hadn’t lost any weight six weeks after giving birth, because, “I’m normal.”) And now, she just shared this pic on her Insta account:

That’s right. A makeupless selfie that simply says, “Commitment #5down30togo.”

And this comes several weeks after she posted this snap with her personal trainer on her first day getting back to the gym.

There is no smoke and mirrors here. Pink (a self-proclaimed fitness enthusiast) isn’t donning the cover of a glamorous magazine a mere few weeks after creating life to show the world her once-again “perfect” physique (again, whatever the EF that means). She’s slowly but surely sweating it out at the gym after allowing her body some necessary recovery time.

THIS is the reality of working towards a fitness goal after pregnancy. It’s not especially glamorous, and it’s rough, and it’s TOTALLY AND PERFECTLY NORMAL to not be running to the gym the second you give birth.

Thanks, Pink, for keeping it real and reminding us that fitness is a journey, and that rushing it is not healthy or normal. Because sometimes it can be all too easy to forget.