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Credit: Tim Bish/Unsplash

Can you imagine pumping 295 ounces (approximately 2.3 gallons) of breast milk? If you’re a mom, or have been around breastfeeding moms, you know how much WORK that would be. All the pumping. Days and nights of pumping.

But that’s just what mom Ashley McClifford did. And then she took a picture of her baby, surrounded by all that milk.

“This photo means so much to me,” she wrote on Instagram.

The 200 ounces of the breastmilk shown in the pic are IN ADDITION to the milk she’s keeping to feed her own daughter.

That’s 200 ounces of milk meant only for donation.

However, she’s quick to point out that she has no interest in not shaming anyone for not breastfeeding.

“I’d love to have breastfeeding normalized, but I also want to encourage moms that no matter how you feed your child, that fed is best ” she told the Huffington Post.

“My son is thriving and he was on formula for most of his infant life,” she clarified.

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The very definition of generosity, if ever we’ve heard one.