Credit: Period Piece Official/YouTube

From Victorian England, to Colonial America, to 18th Century France, Period Piece hilariously guides us through the lives of menstruating women in various historical eras in short, but striking 2-3 minute episodes. Created by Liliana Tandon, Period Piece is the comedic web series inspiring us to embrace menstruation and break the stigma surrounding it.

Perfectly illustrated by a parody of Mean Girls, we learn that women on their periods in this era had to free-bleed into their clothes, so period stains were not out of the ordinary. And for the high school students in this hilarious episode, a bloody trend came to adorn their uniforms. But these women owned it– and certainly made me feel more confident as I reflected on sixth grade, when I bled through my school uniform quite freely.

In addition to making you feel empowered and providing a good laugh, you should watch Period Piece for another important reason:

Even Gloria Steinem is tweeting about it.

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