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We were about to invite you to join us in some good, old-fashioned period talk, but instead, let’s sit back and watch these parents explain periods to their kids. That’s bound to be way more interesting than hearing us read aloud from our latest entry in the PMS diaries.

Before we get started, it’s important to note all of the efforts that go into normalizing period talk because menstruation is totally nothing to be embarrassed about, and we’re all about breaking period taboos until all the shame surrounding the topic no longer exists.

Unfortunately, there still remain quite a few un-evolved individuals who find it completely unacceptable to a) be on your cycle and b) dare to discuss your period in public, so we’re really happy these parents took the bold step to inform their kids about a totally natural process on camera.


We can’t even pretend that watching these parents break down the meaning of menstruation to their kids didn’t instantly turn us back into cringing, squirmy children all over again and OMG, why is everything suddenly so uncomfortable?

Whew! Flashbacks are a helluva thing, but we’re totally good now.

Maybe all the hard we’re doing to show everyone that periods are truly nothing to freak out about will cause future kids to become inherently accustomed to digesting these sorts of things in a mature manner. But until that day arrives, may we present THE most awkward conversations everrrrr:

Well, that was rather brutal. But, much like the parents who told their kids Santa isn’t real, we’re applauding these participants for being responsible enough to openly have what is one of many tough talks to come.