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Maria Kang, the mommy fitness blogger who gained fame for posting a photo that showed off her chiseled physique while surrounded by her three young children, and the headline “What’s Your Excuse” recently gained ten pounds, and is being vocal about the change.

She shared photos from a recent shoot in which her stretch marks are clearly visible, and her body slightly more curvy, and told People that she isn’t as hardcore about the “no excuses” lifestyle she used to preach.

Usually, before photoshoots, Kang would follow a strict 10-12 week diet, eliminate water weight, and spend weeks planning her outfits and beauty prep.

But for this photoshoot, she just went about her life until it was time to get in front of the camera.

It seemed like Maria was starting to change her “no excuses” tune when she recently posted this caption on Instagram.

“I began struggling with being a ‘fitness person’ on social media as I don’t post workout videos, motivational quotes, clean meals and gym selfies. I don’t have a rock hard physique, I have several other priorities and sometimes I give into chocolate (esp when it feels like it cures everything). Fitness is not my life, it’s a part of my life.”

Not everyone can maintain the immense pressures put upon them by living a public Instagrammable life and tbh, WE LOVE this new philosophy. Some moms found Kang’s former “No Excuses” mantra to mean she was shaming mommies who don’t get in crazy great shape. But this new philosophy embraces one’s natural, beautiful flaws, and we’re all for it.