We may be living in 2017, but discussions surrounding orgasms are still taboo — especially when it comes to the female orgasm. Just the word or mere mention of female pleasure makes many want to run for the hills. But thankfully, there’s a New York City pop-up that’s working to destigmatize the orgasm and the sex-positive people who enjoy them.

Say hello to “The Changing Room,” the first orgasm pop-up shop. Hosted by sex toy brand Hot Octopuss, the event signed up 1,000 participants for a session with sex therapist and orgasm stylist Diana Barone. This was followed by the chance to “try on” a new orgasm with Hot Octopuss’s latest product, The Queen Bee.

The inspiration behind the pop-up is simple: It’s time to destigmatize masturbation.

Listen, it may feel embarrassing to talk about, but everyone does it. Seriously. We are all entitled to pleasure, no matter our age, sexual orientation, gender, or physical abilities. And even if you missed this NYC pop-up, Hot Octopuss is looking to open more pop-ups across the country, so we can all shift the public perception on masturbation together.

Adam Lewis, Hot Octopuss’s co-founder and designer of the Queen Bee, says in a press release,

Whether you’re using The Queen Bee for a powerful new type of orgasm, a crystal dildo for some heart opening masturbation sessions, or the vibrator you’ve had forever, get to it. There’s no day like today to make a little self-love.