Here are some very normal reasons why you might be experiencing hair loss


Most of us have experienced those times where we brush our hair and a few stands come out, or we notice a clump of hair in the shower drain and it kinda sends us into a cycle of worry. As annoying (and embarrassing) as this can be, usually hair loss is the result of very normal everyday things.

Well and Good are the experts in this area, and they’ve helped us out by suggesting some reasons why we might be seeing an unusual amount of hair loss.

1. Hormones

It all comes back to fluctuating hormones. According to Dr. Wesley, “Thyroid problems or polycystic ovarian syndrome can cause fluctuations in hormones (particularly androgens, the male hormone),” – which can lead to hair loss. He explains that Estrogen is “key” for protecting the hair.


2. Diet

Extreme dieting can cause the hair to thin. Dr. Wesley suggests maintaining good cholesterol levels (eat those eggs – and not just the whites!) as well as iron (because of this, many women choose iron supplements), and also eating plenty of protein.


3. Acne medications

Yep, turns out one of the pesky side effects of some acne medication is hair thinning. UGH! Accutane is especially to blame. “Accutane can cause your hair to go through a cycle a little bit faster, and even though it comes back in, it comes back in a little finer,” says Dr. Wesley.

4. Emotional Stress

We’ve heard this before, but stress really does take a physical toll on your body. Dr. Wesley explains that it’s not a myth, and high levels of stress, such as a death in the family or difficulty at work or at home, “can expedite the hair thinning process because cortisol pushes the hair cycle forward.” 


None of this is a cause for alarm, though! As we can see, hair loss every now and then is totally normal for women as well as men. Basically, it’s just even more reason to maintain a healthy life/work balance, stay active, happy and motivated to achieve great things. Our hair will thank us later!

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