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It has been a difficult week for women across the country. After a very contentious election, many of us are heartbroken. Many feel that our rights and needs as women were voted down by America, and that stings. Many parents wonder what messages to share with their kids, but we are inspired that so many of those messages are hopeful. Reese Witherspoon’s mom, for example, delighted us all with her inspiring practicality. And one awesome NFL player, Martellus Bennett, who loves his daughter Jett so much that she’s basically the star of his Instagram, had a beautiful message for her.

New England player Martellus Bennett told his daughter Jett that her training for greatness starts today.

Martellus’ message tells us all to look at children and encourage them to be great. Because as we’ve heard so often, they’re the future. We’d like to make sure all of us are training for the future, so that next time we can win.

Martellus followed his inspiration post with another beautiful message.

In a world that seems like it’s getting more negative all the time, we really need Martellus’ message for love and kindness. And we will fight to protect Martellus’ daughter as well as all of the daughters around the country. As long as we band together, we’re unstoppable.

We all need to be strong for the little ones, like Martellus’ daughter Jett.

Now, let’s take his advice and color outside the lines!