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At a time when people are signing up for gym memberships en masse and listing fitness goals among their resolutions for the new year, one new mom got very real about her postpartum body on Instagram, and her transparent message is super important, particularly for moms who are feeling the pressure to “bounce back” after giving birth.

As Refinery 29 reports, new mom Kristelle Morgan posted a photo of her adorable daughter Amelia sleeping peacefully next to Morgan’s exposed belly. In her caption, she wrote about why she chose to show off her stretch marks, openly chronicling her ongoing struggles with body acceptance.

As Morgan explained, extra amniotic fluid coupled with Amelia being in the breech position resulted in Morgan developing stretch marks at 32 weeks and an “extra large stomach,” which didn’t necessarily coincide with her self-professed “unrealistic standards” of how her post-birth body would look.

But just like other new moms sharing their postpartum bodies on Instagram, Morgan’s message comes with a healthy dose of body positivity and self-compassion. As she emphasized, accepting your new body doesn’t happen overnight; it’s actually an ongoing process that requires time and patience both with yourself and your body.

We love Kristelle’s candor, particularly on social media. It is so necessary to offer balance and authenticity to our timelines, which are oftentimes flooded with misleading images of perfect lives. We give her all the kudos for encouraging others to find empowerment in their individual body acceptance journeys.