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Today in absolute QUEENS, this *amazing* woman had a beautiful response to the creepy dude who said her boobs were too saggy for her sports bra. Because, come on, guys. Really? Michelle Kirk was out jogging with her 18-month-old when a man stopped his bike right in front of her to let her know he didn’t like how her boobs looked. Like, WHAT?! Luckily, she told him the eff off.

On a Facebook post, she explained,

Just like, YES LADY.

She explained why she’s been so vocal about what happened to SELF, saying,

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As if we couldn’t love her more. Major, major heart eyes here, and so much respect. We’re SO OVER THE BODY SHAMING, PEOPLE, and we hope that as we continue to talk about why it *isn’t* ever okay we can work to end this culture of negativity surrounding our bodies and each other’s.