two women
Credit: Keystone/Getty Images

Are you ready to Legalize the V word?! Now, you’re probably wondering what we are talking about, right? Well, the v-word in question is “vagina” and there is currently a new campaign to get more people to say it.

In 2012, former Michigan Democratic state representative Lisa Brown was barred from speaking on the House floor after her protest speech on proposed abortion bills included the word vagina. Seriously that happened! We did not even think it was possible to get barred over saying the correct term for the reproductive organ you’re debating, but apparently that is actually a thing that can happen.

So, for this and a billion other reasons, in order to get more people comfortable saying the word “vagina,” a group of women formed a group called Legalize V. We think this is way cool!

The goal of the campaign is to not only get people more comfortable using the word, but also to get the attention of Sheryl Sandberg. If you sign their petition, they believe that it will give them a stronger backing for when they request a meeting to talk to her about the guidelines surrounding women’s health on Facebook.

We think it is time to legalize the word vagina, ladies!