Rachel Charlene Lewis
August 01, 2016 6:09 pm

Okay, so it’s time to get seriously real for a sec. Why? Because we need to talk about douching, the nonsense (and damaging!) “health” trend that refuses to die.

Freeform / giphy.com

Though the fact that douching is totally unnecessary is talked about time and time again, the negativity surrounding women’s bodies and lack of confidence many women feel in our vaginas results in some really unhealthy practices, with douching being one major norm that desperately needs to disappear.

New research has confirmed once again that douching is simply NOT good for you. According to the study, the practice has been blamed for causing increased levels of urinary metabolites of endocrine disrupting phthalates, which basically means that douching seriously throws your body off. Instead of functioning freely and uninhibited by unnecessary chemicals, douching takes that balance and turns it on its head.

We’ve heard a lot about talcum powder having the potential to cause cancer (which is seriously, seriously scary) but less about douching’s impact on the deadly disease. In the study of 50,000 women, though, douching rather than talc use was associated with increased risk of ovarian cancer.

Long story short? STOP. DOUCHING.

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Seriously. We cannot emphasize this enough. We know that our bodies have been critiqued, and continue to be critiqued, to no end. We know that sexism and misogyny result in a society where we feel like everything from our discharge to the “tightness” of our vagina (which is NOT A REAL THING) to our scent  is somehow a bad thing. But our bodies are not bad. And unless something is seriously up, and your gyno has confirmed, your body is just fine the way it is.