Adamari Lopez
Credit: adamarilopez/Instagram

When Telemundo channel host Adamari López went on vacation last month, she did what many of us do — posted a beach photo on Instagram. Although it garnered over 100,000 likes and many positive comments, several people took the opportunity to shame Lopez for her weight. The morning show’s response to body shamers is exactly what we need to hear during the so-called “bikini season.”

She added that what the body shamers don’t seem to understand is that she’s happy with her life and what’s she’s achieved “as a woman, a professional, and now a mother.” AMEN.

López, co-host of the Emmy Award-winning Telemundo show Un Nuevo Día, says that after her battle with cancer, she’s focused on what’s important in life and (spoiler alert!) it’s not weight or body size.

Her words are on point — López, and the rest of us, are so much more than our body size or weight. And with dreaded “bikini season” on the horizon (can we please get rid of that term sooner rather than later?), this is a much-needed reminder to never let body shamers get us down.