Stephanie Hallett
Updated Jan 20, 2017 @ 10:38 am
Credit: 1MotherBlogger/Facebook

If you’ve ever hidden behind a tasteful towel or coverup, or sprinted to grab a T-shirt before taking a photo at the beach, allow Australian mom blogger Kirsten Bosly to inspire you.

The 41-year-old mom of two posted a swimsuit photo to Facebook earlier this month, and it has since gone viral, receiving more than 3,300 likes, for the best possible reasons.

In her post, Bosly wrote that while on vacation with her partner and two kids, Beckett, 8, and Bronte, 5, she decided once and for all to let go of her body shame and get in a picture with her children. “Today marks a new beginning for me,” she wrote.

Bosly, who is also a blogger, goes on to say that Lena Dunham’s recent Glamour cover, in which the actress and her Girls co-stars appear sans Photoshop, represented more of an “it’s-about-damn-time” moment than a watershed one.

“The magazine thinks this to be a revolutionary act; Lena thinks it’s just bloody normal and I agree,” Bosly wrote.

And we agree, too!

The more women choose to share their stories and their real-life photos, the more we can all push back against the unrealistic body and beauty expectations we’ve been measuring ourselves against for centuries. So we’re cheering you on, Kirsten!