Credit: talltumbleweedvintage / Instagram

Social media can be the perfect place to make a powerful statement about your body. Opening yourself up to the world can be a scary thing, but this everyday mom (and HelloGiggles contributor!) from New Mexico has done just that, and we’re applauding her for it. She runs a Southwestern inspired vintage shop in Albuquerque called Tall Tumbleweed Vintage, and she posted a picture on her Instagram yesterday of herself wearing a crop top. Here’s why that matters.

A lot of mothers find themselves under a lot of pressure to adjust their body after they’ve given birth. The whole idea of a “post-baby body” is perpetuated by the media and entertainment, and it can often leave women feeling inadequate and self-conscious about their post-pregnancy figure. This vintage-selling mom isn’t buying into that, though. By rocking a crop top, she’s encouraging women everywhere to love their body in the exact shape it’s in today.

“184 IBS and still trying to find ways to honor my body and heart,” she writes. “Ways to find gratitude for all the things my body has and does allow me to do.” Her friend send her a Las Vegas showgirl crop top she absolutely adores. Instead of keeping it in her closet to wear when she feels like she’s achieved a certain figure, she chose to wear it right now, “even if it’s scary and you worry it doesn’t look good on your mom bod.”

She wants you to feel just as grateful about your own body today, because she insists, “You’re perfect. You’re beautiful. Exactly right now.”

Let’s all take a hint from this gorgeous woman (who looks amazing with purple lipstick, by the way). She recommends you look at yourself in the mirror and find a quality about yourself that you absolutely love. Excuse us while we slip away to the bathroom.