With bikini season coming in hot, we need to remind ourselves that our bodies are beautiful no matter what they look like. With this in mind, Australian mom blogger Mel Watts shared a picture of her stomach pre- and post- C-section to prove that our bodies are incredible.

Her split-photo Instagram post shows her stomach at 30 weeks pregnant compared to 4 days post C-section.

Watts wrote how for the past nine months, her body sheltered, protected, and prepared her son to be born via C-section. Our bodies aren’t necessarily here to look good. We have them to carry us — and others — through life.

“So many times I’ve doubted my body, so many times I’ve pinched and pulled at sections that I didn’t like,” Watts wrote. “In reality this body has done everything I’d ever want it to do.”

She continued,

Watts noted that we so often feel like we have to live within societal norms, when actually, we should live and look how we see fit. We need to enjoy our bodies for what they can do for us and for the happiness they bring us.

We couldn’t agree with this sentiment more. Thank you to Mel Watts for baring her C-section tummy for the greater good.