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Getting breast implants is a pretty common procedure that’s known to be reasonably safe, but we just heard something that is actually really scary.

Karen McDougall and Kimberly Holland are former Playboy models who got their breast implants removed because they were routinely feeling sick.

And we’re not talking about a cold every now and then, or even chronic pain in the area of surgery — these women experienced severe thyroid and adrenal problems multiple times a year, topped with the development of new and severe allergies. After doing some research, they stumbled upon what is literally known as “breast implant illness.” Which needless to say doesn’t sound good.

via giphyMcDougal recalls having issues with her vision and hearing, including “dizzy spells” where she would pass out. But she wasn’t convinced her implants were to blame, even after hearing about the illness.

“I rolled my eyes — I had never heard of it. Then I started getting sicker, and I started researching breast implant illness, and I talked to women online who were going through the same thing and having the same symptoms and issues,” she told People. Deciding that her health was more important than her breast size, she got the implants removed for good.

Once they were gone and she went through a detox process, her health improved dramatically

Holland’s experience was similarly horrific, as her symptoms included viral rashes, chronic dental infections, and Raynaud’s disease which causes numbness and extreme sensitivity to temperature. “I just wanted them out. I didn’t want to waste any more of my time or my health. There was no point in waiting. I have a son who’s a toddler — I need to be around and be healthy,” Holland told People.

HOWEVER, the medical community is still very much undecided on whether this is actually a medically diagnosable issue and if there is truly any connection between implants and long-term health problems. A study published in 2016 said that the connection was still inconclusive (aka, definitely not a sure thing).

But we also know that entire online communities exist where in which women with implants share similar stories and symptoms. This of course could all be unrelated and just what is known as a false corollary (aka, the ladies are falsely connecting their health issues with their implants. After all, a huge number of women with implants never experience any of these scary symptoms). But given the number of people who have come forward with similar issues, this is definitely a good thing to be aware of — especially if you are considering breast implants for yourself.

We’re grateful for these ladies for coming forward about this issue — because knowledge is power, no matter what we decide to do with our bodies.