Meaghan Kirby
January 31, 2017 3:52 pm
Greg Doherty/Getty Images

While she may no longer play Marissa Cooper, Mischa Barton just had an experience that sounds like it’s straight out of The O.C. Last week, the actress was out celebrating her 31st birthday when something absolutely horrific happened — she was slipped a date rape drug.

Barton voluntarily checked herself into Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, but it appears that she’s recovered medically from the experience. The actress returned to Instagram where she posted a photo of Buddha, which means she’s probably taking the time to find her zen before she completely returns to the public eye.

In a statement to People Magazine, Barton explained what happened to her. She said,

Barton continued,

Anyone who has ever accidentally consumed a drug like GHB knows how scary the situation is, especially when you’re unaware you’ve been drugged. We’re so glad Barton understood that something wasn’t right and sought out treatment. While she may have medically recovered from being drugged, we’re sure it’s going to take some time before she fully recovers from the traumatic incident.

We’re so glad you’re feeling better, Mischa. Take all the time you need to recover!