Credit: NBC/Getty Images

So we already technically knew that Miley Cyrus is insanely good at yoga. We’ve seen the Insta proof. But it’s been several months since she shared a yoga-related pic, and to be honest, our attention has been pretty rapt with photos of her Christmas with fiancé Liam Hemsworth and her kickass posts on things like the importance of animal rescue and the depressingly-materialistic nature of the holidays (did we mention how much we freaking love her, btws?).

Also, as much as we love peering into the lives of our favorite celebs (because we’re only human), even we, too, sometimes find it hard to keep track of all their various hobbies, talents, and exercise plans. Which is why this Insta pic was such a mid-week treat.

DAAAANGGG. Do you see those moves? (Not to mention those muscles). Just seeing this makes us kind of sleepy/ready for a nap. And while we might not be at Miley-level yoga expertise, we can relate to the accompanying message.

We’ve all felt the post-holiday slump that comes after a week of stuffing ourselves alongside friends and family, where in which daily exercise mostly consists of walking from the couch to the fridge for more snacks. Because that’s just a huge part of what the holidays are all about.

And while we might not be ready for intense yogic practices, Miley has defintely inspired us to try to move a little today — even if it’s just getting off a subway stop sooner than we need to, or dancing alone in our living rooms.

So thanks for the inspo, Miley! And keep up that ashtanga magic!