Credit: Instagram/Michal Bublé

Ever since we heard about Michael Bublé’s son Noah’s liver cancer diagnosis, we’ve been sending all the love the Bublé family’s way. We literally cannot even begin to imagine what they’re going through right now, and we just hope they’re doing okay.

We just found out that Bublé won’t sing until his son is well again — at least according to close family friend David Foster.

We’ve heard a few updates over the past few weeks, like the fact that Buble and his wife would be taking time off to focus on their son, and that Noah had started treatment, and it’s sounding like Bublé will definitely continue to stay out of the public eye for some time. Foster shed some light on how the family are coping.

That’s totally understandable, and Bublé probably needs to be in an insular environment at the moment. Foster also commented that Noah is “in good shape,” with “good doctors around him.” He’s praying for the best possible outcome, as we all are.

Sending healing vibes to Noah, and so much love to Michael Bublé and his family.

We’ll definitely miss you singing Christmas tunes this year, but family and health are far more important.