Johnni Macke
Updated Dec 14, 2016 @ 12:09 pm
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Spice Girls alum, Melanie Chisholm, or Mel C opens up about her eating disorder when she was in the band and her honesty is powerful and should be listened to.

Mel C aka Sporty Spice was known for her rock-hard abs and sporty appearance in addition to her vocal abilities when she was a Spice Girl, but all that attention took a toll on her self esteem, resulting in an eating disorder.

“I joined the Spice Girls when I was 20 and it was an insane time. I developed an eating disorder,” Mel C told BBC Good Food via Entertainment Tonight.

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The 42-year-old singer revealed that she didn’t want to admit that she had a problem, but she eventually learned that she had to focus on making herself feel better.

“I was in denial for a long time but I always wanted to get better,” she told the publication. “I had talk therapies and holistic therapies, like acupuncture. Sports became really important to me too.”

Mel C noted that now she has a “healthy relationship with food,” because of her knowledge of what’s actually good and bad for one’s body.

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Mel C isn’t the only Spice Girls member that has opened up about having an eating disorder.

Geri Halliwell aka Ginger Spice recently talked about her battle with bulimia, which she kept hidden from her band mates.

“I felt much more conscious of myself, my body weight,” Halliwell revealed in Oprah’s Where Are They Now? special over the summer. “We all used different tools to get by, coping mechanisms. For me [it] was controlling my body weight.”

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She continued saying, “I started being bulimic and no one would notice it because your body weight stays pretty much the same. It’s bloody dangerous.”

Luckily both singers have dealt with their eating disorders and are on the right track to happy and healthy living.

After all, there’s nothing that screams girl power more than loving yourself and your body!