Olivia Harvey
Updated Jan 11, 2018 @ 4:15 pm

Has Megyn Kelly found the secret to staying slim? During January 11th’s airing of Megyn Kelly Today, Kelly joked that some women want to be fat-shamed. Uh…we’re really not too sure about that, Megyn.

Kelly was interviewing fitness blogger and “controversial ‘fit mom'” Maria Kang for the Thursday morning segment. In 2013, Kang was accused of fat-shaming other moms when she posted a photo on her Instagram showing off her toned abs and three young children. The photo boasted the caption, “What’s your excuse?” After finding herself in hot water, Kang apologized and has since changed her tune about how body image and beauty correlate.

But perhaps Kelly missed that memo. She instead told Kang that she should “parlay the shaming thing into a professional business.” No, Megyn. No.

As BuzzFeed pointed out, viewers were not pleased by Kelly’s lighthearted take on fat-shaming, a serious and harmful issue. Many took to Twitter to share their own experiences with fat-shaming and explain how her insensitive statement is highly unprogressive.



The bottom line is that no one should be shamed for their physical appearance.

Fat-shaming doesn’t help anyone. It hampers self-esteem and can lead to larger emotional issues.

Don’t take Megyn Kelly’s advice — fat-shaming does not work. Set your own health and fitness goals, and let others be a source of positive encouragement only.