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Every person who has ever had a period in their life has leaked blood at some point. It’s inevitable. It’s certainly an annoying thing to have happen to you, but it’s just part of being a menstruating human being, but it’s nothing to be ASHAMED of. And sometimes we forget that celebrities are normal people just like us, and they experience leakages every now and again as well. Singer and Justin Bieber protégé Madison Beer’s period leakage just happened to be caught by the nosy paparazzi.

She and her boyfriend Jack Gilinsky were recently spotted having a romantic time on the beach. A couple photos have been circulated, though of a red stain on Madison’s white bikini bottom, which can be seen after Jack picked her up and is carrying her in his arms. So what, right?

Well, there are some very mean-spirited people out there who thought it would be a good idea to post these pictures on Instagram and then poke fun at her for the visible period blood. Madison was quick to shut down the trolls and stand up for herself, though, because there’s nothing unnatural or disgusting about having your period. Honestly, people, how have we still not learned this?

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Okay, so these comments from Madison haven’t been verified yet, but they were screenshotted by a loyal fan, who shared them in support of Madison. She reminds everyone that she’s “human,” and that “sometimes blood goes thru the tampons.” She’s clearly not interested in making a big deal out of it.

Things took a turn for the truly pathetic when people accused of Madison of wearing a white bikini on purpose so she could get attention. That’s when Madison wrote a longer comment that, again, hasn’t been verified but was grabbed by a loyal fan.

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She calls the whole thing “ignorant ridiculous and immature. pretty crazy.”

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We’re on your side, Madison. Everyone can just get over themselves. Period bleed is not gross. End of story.