Lena Dunham’s trainer, Tracy Anderson, confirms the Lena Dunham works out to feel better, not to change her body. It’s a mindset that is “yeah duh” in concept, but difficult to believe when Hollywood seems obsessed with weight loss. We’re thrilled to hear an inside source confirm that Dunham, known for shaming “body shaming”, is walking the walk.

Tracy Anderson spoke about Lena’s authentic motives at the Breast Cancer Research Foundation’s Hot Pink Party in New York City.

After Lena learned that working out helps her manage her mental health, she started doing yoga and taking classes.

“She didn’t come to me to make her body look different, she came to me to feel better,” Tracy said. “And I think that she’s our most important influencer of our time. She came to me and when she was so vocal about how my program helped her with her OCD … for me, when people come to me from the vanity thread, I know that they have a lot of balance work to do in their bodies. So when somebody comes to me with, ‘My health matters first, I just want to feel good in my skin, I want to be healthy,’ that’s where it needs to come from. Because there’s not one specific definition of beauty and we really have to move the needle in the other direction for that.”

Lena has been outspoken about the media praising her for losing weight. She recently posted an Instagram about her “diet tips,” which included an anxiety disorder, endometriosis, and stress from constant threats to her safety.

Tracy praised Dunham for changing the way we talk about beauty.

Tracy recently shared love toward Lena on Instagram. She wished the writer/creator a happy 31st birthday with a touching caption honoring Lena’s authenticity and for pioneering a new way to appreciate women.

We’re with you, Tracy. Lena’s pretty great. Here’s to us all working out to feel better, with a devil-may-care attitude towards what we look like.