As most attendees of the Met Gala headed to after-parties, Lena Dunham headed to the emergency room. She posted a selfie on her Instagram yesterday showing herself in a hospital bed with her gown balled up next to her. In the caption, Dunham explained why she was hospitalized post-gala. She wrote,

In April, the Girls creator and actress underwent the fifth and last surgery to cure her endometriosis. She wrote in Lenny Letter that the surgery was successful in moving her ovaries away from her rectal wall.

Although Dunham’s caption does not state if her endometriosis has returned, she made a point of stating how those with chronic illness should never be viewed as weak — but rather, STRONG.

She also took the opportunity to express her concern for the state of the American healthcare system.

Earlier that evening, Dunham sported a Planned Parenthood pin amidst the folds of her Met Gala dress.

She ended her hospital-selfie caption by stating that if one can battle with a chronic illness — whatever that illness may be — then one can truly do anything.

To Lena Dunham, and to every other person who struggles with a chronic illness: Stay strong and know that we support you!