Lea Michele reveals how she keeps motivated at the gym and honestly it's a great philosophy

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Believe it or not, the Glee star is just like us! Actress Lea Michele reveals how she keeps motivated at the gym and the key is needing a goal at the end and honestly, we like this philosophy.

On Thursday, Michele attended the AeriREAL pop-up shop in New York and explained how she manages to stay on track with her fitness regiment. Take notes ladies, because Michele’s body is insane and we could all use a little workout motivation.

“Knowing that I can eat whatever I want afterward always makes me feel good!” Michele told People at the event.

“I need a goal at the end of anything that I do,” she explained. Preach, woman, preach!

Once she’s getting close to the end of her workout, whether it be a cycling class, pilates or yoga, the singer focuses on her food reward.

The Scream Queens star said that she reminds herself that “at the end, there’s this great place that I’m going to get the most delicious salad or sushi!” Okay, we can get on board with this focus on the food mentality, especially if the 30-year-old actress uses it too.

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Michele also admitted that she leans on her friends to give her even more support and motivation on a tough exercise day.

“I work out with friends often and I hate bailing on my friends,” the Broadway baby told the publication.

“If I make a plan, I don’t like to cancel it, so I always work out with a buddy and it helps me to be accountable.”

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“You just feel so good after you work out,” she added.

For the New York native working out and eating healthy — she just went vegan for four weeks — is a lifestyle and it makes her happy.

“Working out for me isn’t just about changing my body or making myself look thin — it’s about feeling good,” Michele said.

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Maybe our New Year’s resolution will start in December now that we’ve got Michele’s tips to pushing through tough workouts. What do you think?

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