Alim Kheraj
Updated September 07, 2016 11:34 pm
Mum on the Run/

We’re constantly being flooded by copious amounts of before and after stories on social media. Usually, these stories are related to extreme weight loss. These stories are, of course, totally inspirational and it’s amazing people take their lives into their own hands and celebrate their bodies.

We also know, however, that *sometimes* we do get a little bit guilty feeling like we could be doing more. Yes it’s inspiring, but every has to live their own truth and lives in their own way. It’s great to see so many people inspired but, sometimes, it’s just not realistic.

That’s why one blogger has taken to Facebook to show a very different kind of before and after photo.

Blogger Mum on the Run, aka Laura Mazza, decided to showcase how, after having two children, her body had changed, subverting the traditional weight loss before and after photos.

Writing a lengthy post under with the picture, Mazza explained how this was her “victory story.”

“On the left – This was my body before kids,” she writes. “I took progress photos because it meant I was closer to be a weight where I would love myself. I ate no carbs, and barely any vegetables. Just meat. But I loved it because I was losing weight rapidly and the more bones that protruded the more I valued myself.”

Continuing, Mazza made this point about the picture on the left. “No one else would have said anything, they would have told me I looked fit, that I was healthy…They admired me. I admired me!”

However, after having children Mazza’s body, understandably, changed.

“On the right is me now. Stretch marks. A droopy belly button. Thicker, not many bones protruding, but more dimples that represent cellulite. People don’t want to see this photo. All of a sudden it’s not okay. It’s not pleasing to the eye anymore. It’s not a body to be admired,” she wrote.

Mazza then went on to say how she had fallen out of love with her body after having her two children, son Luca, 2, and daughter Sofia, 8 months.

“The scars and stretch marks and jiggly tummy is because I made humans. I ate a little more cake, I drank a little more wine. I made mug cakes at 9pm and snuggled on the couch with my husband,” she admitted. “But for some reason, I didn’t love this body. It’s sad.”

It’s not all doom and gloom, however, as Mazza has said she realized that she wasn’t happy or healthy when she was constantly dieting to maintain her weight.

“I have achieved more with this body, then I have with my old body. I’ve eaten more good foods. I’ve lived more, I’ve given more, I’ve enjoyed more. I’ve made life,” she said. “This body, THIS body should be celebrated and admired. I should admire myself. I should love myself.”

She then went on to make THIS important point.

“I get it now. Celebrating all body types. All body types and the stories that go with that body. Above all, THE person should be celebrated. Healthy bodies should be celebrated. Healthy should be what we strive for. Healthy minds, healthy journey’s and however that reflects on to our bodies, we should admire it,” she said.

Since sharing her inspirational post, Mazza has received a bunch of amazing replies, with many women sharing their own stories about how learning to love their bodies after having children.

“I’ve read some of the “shares” that are public and read your little captions and some of them had made me cry,” Mazza wrote on another post. “I feel honoured to make a difference in the way you feel, and some of you have a tough journey with your bodies. You are all so amazing.”

We think it’s amazing to see women embracing and loving their bodies.

You can keep up with all of Laura Mazza’s goings on with her blog, Mum on the Run.