Brittany Malooly
December 08, 2016 3:43 pm
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Lady Gaga is gracing the cover of Vanity Fair Italy this month! We couldn’t be more excited for her. But what’s even more exciting is that she’s giving us some valuable insight into her beautiful mind. Her quotes about aging are particularly refreshing and special.

In the interview, translated by Oh No They Didn’t, Gaga gives us a glimpse into her changing mindset. She explains that, while she’s obviously getting older, she’s not afraid of aging:

Yesssssss. We’re going to love seeing Gaga belting her heart out in her ’70s and ’80s. How nice is it to see someone talking about aging in this way?

She also talks about her desire to become a mother and how she refuses to see motherhood as losing her youth:

This message is SO important. We love it.

Also, how beautiful is this photo shoot? Look at Gaga here just gracefully prancing around on a horse like a goddamn equestrian angel.

We can’t get enough of this message, Lady Gaga! And we can’t wait to grow older with you.