Updated Aug 09, 2016 @ 4:04 pm
kim k cupping
Credit: Instagram / Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has been hitting the gym harder than ever. She’s five pounds from her goal weight and has been Snapchatting her progress nonstop.

She lost so much weight that her chokers are even too big. Now THAT’S impressive.

Recently Kim’s quest for better health has included the ancient art of cupping, which is the act of placing cups made of glass or bamboo on the skin to create suction, increase blood flow, and help with various ailments.

But what’s going on with Kim where she would even think to try cupping? Well, it’s something to do with her neck. (As a fellow curvy woman, having large breasts does affect your neck, so perhaps that’s the case.)

The issue must be serious at least somewhat. Before her cupping session, Kim got acupuncture for her neck and even treated herself to several neck correcting pillows.

Credit: Snapchat / Kim Kardashian
Credit: Snapchat / Kim Kardashian

If you happen to know the answer to Kim’s pillow query, holla at me.