Trilby Beresford
February 01, 2017 6:16 am

Losing a parent at any age is tremendously difficult to deal with. But losing one when you’re still relatively young can take even longer to get past, because at that stage your life still really revolves around your parents.

In an episode of Revenge Body, Khloé Kardashian opened up about her dad’s death and her subsequent weight gain.

She was prompted to talk about these issues after one of the contestants, Lauren, revealed how her own father drowned on a beach vacation on her 18th birthday, and said she now has a habit of gaining weight before major life milestones.

Khloé heard Lauren loud and clear — because she was pretty much the same age when her father Robert Kardashian passed away from cancer. “I know, to a degree, how you feel,” she told Lauren. “My dad died in 2003. I was 19. And when it set in, I was like, you spiral. For me, my spiral was food.” We’ve all been there at some point, as overeating often coincides with a traumatic situation. It’s a coping mechanism.

Khloé went on to say, “I gained so much weight because I was so internally just suppressing so many things that it was like, eating me alive, and I was literally eating everything.” But as many know, the last year has been super health-centered for Khloé, and she says she’s never felt better in her whole life. Her perspective on moving forward in a positive way is very matter-of-fact, and that’s why we dig it.

We hope that Khloé’s words helped Lauren work through her food and trauma-related issues — it definitely flicked a switch in us. Life is short, so moving on from the bad is so immensely key when it comes to finding balance and happiness.

Thanks for the reminder, Khloé.