Scarlet Meyer
Updated Apr 03, 2017 @ 1:30 pm

Scandal star Kerry Washington seems like she can do anything. On top of her busy schedule as the lead in a hit TV show, she also recently had her second child! It’s kind of hard to imagine the hardworking Washington taking a break from anything. However, she does know when she needs to take a step back, according to an interview with People. Washington spoke about her workout routine and how she had been taking a break from it since giving birth. Her reasons?

Her doctor asked her to take 6 weeks off and she felt she needed the downtime.

You really can’t argue with that logic! Doctor’s orders, and also of course! We sometimes skip the gym if we’re feeling sleepy or don’t feel like it. Taking a break after giving birth makes total sense. Washington is reportedly still slowly getting back into her workout routine, which we also understand.

Everything is a process, and there is no need to jump back into a workout routine too quickly (and you can hurt yourself if you try!)

Kerry did address some rumors that bothered her about her post-baby workouts.

Washington is totally right! It is up to each woman to feel out what is best for them and their bodies after giving birth. The point is to let women choose what is right for them and to not judge anyone else’s decisions or feel influenced by anyone else (except your doctor.) As much as it’s okay to take a short break (or a really long break), it’s just as ok to get back to working out right away if your doctor says it’s fine, and it’s what you want to do.

The key is to do what makes you happy and live your best (workout) life!

We think that it’s so awesome that Kerry Washington opened up about the realities of motherhood with us! It’s great to hear her perspective, and we’re wishing her all the best in her adventures in motherhood and in the gym.