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We’ve talked before about Kendall Jenner’s stance on freeing the nipple — specifically that she’s a big advocate of it. Nipples are a normal body part after all, right?! There’s technically really no reason why they should be expertly covered up with uncomfortable bras all the time (oh, and only on women, we might add).

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And actually, we just heard via Us Weekly that Jenner has a comfortable and practical alternative: If she decides to wear anything under her shirt at all, she opts for a ‘barely there,’ bralette approach, and we applaud that. The magazine notes that Jenner left a message on her app that explained her perspective on the matter.

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Now that just sounds like some good sense.


At the end of the day, the #freethenipple campaign is super positive because it’s paving the way for women to take charge of their own lives and decide what’s appropriate and comfortable to wear, on their own terms. Cara Delevingne has also spoken out in support of it, as well as Naomi Campbell.

Thanks for helping to bring some refreshing common sense to the issue of women’s bodies, Kendall!