Sarah Terry
August 25, 2016 12:03 pm
Harry How / Getty

The members of Team USA have returned home and many are doing a victory lap. The Team USA lady gymnasts took a trip to NYC to visit Jimmy Fallon and see musical Hamilton. Meanwhile, Katie Ledecky traveled to Washington D.C. to attend a Washington Nationals game.

Katie Ledecky was invited out onto the field to throw the first pitch.

Greg Fiume / Getty

But before Katie could throw a pitch, she needed to get rid of some of her hardware.

Katie handed her many, many medals to one of the players, so she could throw the first pitch.

Greg Fiume / Getty

That player was none other than Bryce Harper, the Most Valuable Player of last year in the National League and a star outfielder. But even Bryce steps aside for a baller like Katie Ledecky.

He just hung out, holding medals, while Katie focused on her pitch.

Katie totally knows what she’s doing.

Watch the whole video of Katie’s pitch here.