Kate Hudson discussed her number one fitness tip

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Staying fit is way easier said than done (because exercise is hard, and cake tastes good!). And then we look at people like Kate Hudson who seem to make it all look easy, and wonder…what’s their secret? Well, in an interview with Self, Kate Hudson reveals her best fitness secret. And it all comes down to her food choices.

After trying all sorts of fad diets and meal plans — from Paleo to vegetarianism and pescatarianism — Hudson settled on something veganish. Basically, she’s eats vegan much of the week, so there’s lots of the usual spinach and kale, but she also keeps it flexible.

“[…]To be predominantly plant-based is great for you. So why not be predominantly plant-based and every once in a while if you go to a great steakhouse, have a steak? I kind of try to look at it like that.”

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Sounds like a perfect plan to us! The best of BOTH worlds. Hudson also talked about her love of pilates.

“I believe in traditional Pilates because I think that our bodies need to be aligned, and what that does for your body is it makes it so strong.”

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Of course, we don’t all have access to that kind of equipment. BUT, we DO all have access to another of Hudson’s favorite exercises: walking! Yup. Super simple and easy.

“Sometimes with all these classes, I’m just like, take a walk. The benefits of walking are huge and it’s such a nice thing to do.”

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Thanks for sharing your tips, Kate. Definitely gonna keep this stuff in mind.

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