Rachel Charlene Lewis
Updated Aug 23, 2016 @ 1:55 pm
Credit: Instagram/Jessie J

In a world where women still have to fight to love our bodies (after all, media is coming at us from all sides telling us that we need this, that, and the other to be beautiful!), it’s always revolutionary (and honestly refreshing) when a woman steps forward to say she’s cool with her bod the way it is. Jessie J just posted pics of her butt and thighs to show that, yeah, she has cellulite, and she really doesn’t mind.

Credit: Fox / Giphy

Jessie J’s pics are #GirlPower as hell, and so body positive.

“I have been working on my body recently. When I can be bothered 🙄 To gain weight and to be stronger, fitter, healthier and to feel good! Accepting my cellulite 😁 “

Because all bodies are GREAT bodies, cellulite or not!

“A bit of self love and celebrating the body your in is POSITIVE and needed!”

That’s right, Jessie J! We’re so about this uplifting and empowering message. We hope this helps remind women, and, well, everyone, that cellulite is seriously NBD. It’s natural, it happens, and it’s just a part of having a body.

“I’m in a “f*** what people think” kind of mood,” she said on the final shot. “I like this mood. And I like this picture.”

Hell yeah. Our social media is our social media, and if we wanna show off our bods in the name of body positivity or anything else, we have the right to do so. Because #GIRLPOWER.