Hello! It’s January, so who in their right mind isn’t looking for the best workout ever? But before you start saying all the things you normally say (I’m too fat for the gym, I look awful in spandex, I have childbearing thighs), here comes a work out program that also works on the negative voices inside your head. It’s a workout and life coaching two-fer (aka the multitasker’s dream) way to take care of some New Year’s resolutions. Also, please notice that Shrink Session creator Erin Stutland has an insane body. Personally, I think that’s the best motivation around.

Shrink Session, a popular NYC class, is available today for the first time as a downloadable workout, which will not only change your body, but also your life. Sound a little new agey? Good! Get on board. We’re all doing it.

  • 4, 45 minute heart-pumping, downloadable and/or streaming workouts that combine yoga, cardio-dance, kickboxing and inspiring affirmations.
  • 4 guided meditations to help the affirmations and ideas sink in.
  • 6 action sheets that correlate with each session so you can take what you learn and apply to all areas of your life.
  • My workout guides and calendars of how to best make use of the workout.
  • Intro lessons before every workout that will help you help to inspire you and set an intention before every workout.
  • Access to a private Facebook group for support and accountability.

So in this New Year – take some new actions and see new results. Couldn’t hurt. OK, truth. It does hurts a little, but just in the good way.