Rachel Charlene Lewis
Updated August 01, 2016
Instagram/Iskra Lawrence

Model Iskra Lawrence recently opened up about struggling to love her body because of the continual societal pressure to be thinner placed upon women. What she has to say is SO moving, and totally heartbreaking.

According to Cosmopolitan, the model told Women’s Health UK,

“Before accepting mine, when I was 18, I spent four miserable years desperately trying to make my body into what I thought was ‘perfect.’ I’d begun modeling at 13, but my tall, skinny size 8 frame [size 4 in the U.S.] started developing curves. I cut my daily calories to just 800 and was exercising until I passed out.”

She recalled some of her lowest moments, saying, “I remember a stylist asking ‘Why is this fat model here?’” Seriously, WTF.

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She also talked a lot about the problematic nature of the term “plus size.” While some have felt empowered by the label, and have worked to reclaim it, Iskra believes it’s harmful. “Despite being 5-foot-9 with a size 10 waist [size 6 U.S.] and a size 14 bottom [size 10 U.S.], I’m a ‘plus-size’ model,” she explained. “I think the term is so backwards; it has negative connotations but applies to 60 percent of women.”

Luckily, though, Iskra came to see herself for the absolutely stunning beauty she is. “I finally came to the realization that I was beautiful as I was,” she said. “I didn’t need to change, attitudes did.”

Damn right, Iskra Lawrence. Damn right.

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