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Credit: Iskra Lawrence /

If you’re involved in the body positive movement, which celebrates beauty and health at any and every size, you’re probably familiar with Iskra Lawrence. Lawrence is an awesome model who works with the Aerie campaign that employs photos of women representing all sizes in their clothing, which if you ask us, is pretty darn empowering. Even Lawrence, however, has heard damaging and negative things about her body.

In fact, according to Lawrence’s interview with Seventeen, a photographer literally told Lawrence he was “uncomfortable” with images of her body without them being photoshopped. Ugh!

Talk about traumatic, right? Luckily, Lawrence has had many amazing experiences with photographers, too.

Lawrence’s Instagram proudly shares images that celebrate her body, along with plenty of makeup-free selfies. Lawrence is all about empowerment, and we’re all about her!

Whether you’re a model or not, it’s normal to struggle with body image. After all, with so many messages about what women should look like and how we should dress, it’s hard not to become self-conscious and feel overwhelmed. Luckily, role models like Lawrence exist to help us practice self-love and self-care, no matter what our bodies look like.