Credit: Ucchi79/Shutterstock

Moms are basically superheroes. This we know for sure. Yet it’s equally obvious that society still has a looong way to go in supporting new mothers, especially when it comes to breastfeeding and pumping.

These processes can be distracting and painful enough under the best of circumstances…and usually moms don’t have it that easy. Weird societal norms shame many women into breastfeeding in bathroom stalls or pumping breastmilk in windowless supply closets at work. Ad campaigns and growing public awareness are starting to chip away at these stigmas, often in witty ways. But techies may have just made most revolutionary step in the battle to normalize breast pumping.

This is Willow, the wearable, portable, hands-free breast pump.

The breast pump debuted at CES 2017, an event usually known for producing strange gadgets like robotic suitcases and interactive toothbrushes. But nothing could be as simple or as genius as this new innovation.

The pump tucks right into your bra, for starters, so no stripping down necessary.

Expressed milk goes into a pouch inside the pump itself, so no tubes or bottles either. And because Willow runs on a rechargeable battery, you can wear it anywhere. It’s also blessedly quiet. Some moms report that they can wear Willow while commuting and doing normal day-to-day work – even while making conference calls!

This being 2017, Willow is also Bluetooth-enabled, using an app to collect data on how long pumping sessions go and how much milk is collected.

While the pump won’t be available until spring, and also comes with a pretty hefty price tag (about $430), it’s an awesome start! Moms of tiny humans, go live your best life!